GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation


What you need to know about GDPR

Monday, October 22 | 1:30–5:00 PM

This session will include several presentations on topics related to the new GDPR regulation, including:

5 Steps Towards GDPR Compliancy in Practice — Pekka Vepsäläinen, CEO, Tikkasec Ltd 

No matter where your business is based, GDPR affects you if you are providing products or services to EU citizens or organizations. If you don’t comply with GDPR, you may face huge damage due to fines and legal costs. But most importantly, you may lose trust of your customers which may eventually cause loss of your business within EU.

This presentation gives you 5 concrete steps towards GDPR compliancy based on my hands-on experience of 20+ GDPR consulting projects during last couple of years:

  1. Board room awareness & privacy task force
  2. Data inventory – where is all the personal data?
  3. Risk assessment – what are the TOP risks to manage?
  4. Executing GDPR action plan – from data security to data requests
  5. Preparing required documents & contracts


Thomas Wise, Vice President of Global Compliance at Carlson Wagonlit TravelCheck will also be providing valuable insight into GDPR. Check back soon for additional topics and speaker information.


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