DevSecOps For Practitioners


A deep dive into what DevSecOps is, the tools behind it and methodology.

Monday, October 22 | 1:30–5:00 PM

This session will include several presentations on topics related to DevSecOps, including:

DevSecOps For Practitioners
Why cyber security needs to be involved in DevOps, what are the tool sets you need to learn? Why do we care, what do we need to do, who should be doing it, when do you insert it into the cycle? Where do insert it, when do you insert it, how do you insert it? What we’re talking about / How you do it? IoT – How do you lock it down? How do you patch it? How do you control what customers do with it?

A Closer Look at DevOps in Use
Examples of how DevOps is being used by some of the leaders in the space.

Check back soon for additional topics and speaker information.


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