Cyber Security Threats – Managing When (Not If) You’ll Be Impacted


We live and work in a digital deluge with an o
bsessive dedication to “more.” More devices, more data and more users with greater access than ever before. The need for more is second only to the need to get it NOW. So this growth in always-on, connected things and users—coupled with persistent and increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats—evokes a range of emotions in the hearts of CISOs and security professionals. Anything from blind ignorance to overzealous confidence comes to mind. But the common denominator for any organization with data and users to protect is uncertainty. How do I know what to do if the unimaginable happens? Will my organization be ready when, and not if, it does?

We get it: you’re standing in front of an intimidating mountain of information and report, after report, after report about the cyber security risk de jour. Headline-catching breaches can cause your CEO to panic, calling for a comprehensive cyber security solution by the next board meeting. Users demand more connectivity and more access, but denounce security protocols or countermeasures that seem obtrusive. You know you need something better than what you have today, but you don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in.

At the foundation of our business is an unwavering commitment to provide more than just IT services or security solutions. It’s a dedication to understanding your business and your needs that sets us apart.

As the cyber security industry is becoming more and more commoditized and focused on a single platform or technology, we work to create a better, more-holistic suite of solutions to meet your needs now and into the future. The value in a cyber security company is not in the hardware or software they provide—it’s in the strategic partnership they create to understand your true business drivers and security needs.

We lead with knowledge and education on the complicated realm of cyber security to offer solutions; not a sales pitch. We stay up with the latest trends and technologies and provide resources to get yourself oriented. We work to understand how you fit within the security continuum and what regulatory or business challenges you’re facing. And we know that organizational needs will change, so we strive to work beside you to make improvements along the way.

How do you start? The backbone of your cyber security needs is a risk and security assessment to identify your vulnerabilities and to align solutions to your business needs. If you don’t know where the holes are, there’s little hope in feeling prepared against mounting threats standing just outside your firewall.

Cyber criminals are skilled and they are cunning. Today’s threats are constantly after personal data that can bring an organization to its knees. They’re difficult to detect and continually target end users to gain access. And whether you’ve buried your head in the sand or are chest thumping in the boardroom, you know there’s more you need to prepare. And it starts with getting ready. Find out how we can help.