Cyber Security for Small & Mid-Size Businesses


Ignoring your cyber responsibilities is no longer an option for any size business. Learn what you need to do to protect yourself and your customers.

Tuesday, October 23 | 1:15–6:00 PM

Everyone is a target for cybercrime, but not every business has a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer and team of security professionals to tackle the problem. That doesn’t mean you are defenseless or that you can neglect to do your due diligence. Join us for this annual event where we discuss the latest cyber threats and what businesses of any size can do to make themselves more secure.

You will come away with actionable information that you can use in your businesses to prevent attacks, mitigate losses, and recover after an incident.

Cost: $79


1:00-1:15 — Registration and Check-In

1:15-1:30 — Welcome — Nancy Libersky, District Director, U.S. Small Business Administration

1:30-2:00 — How to Jumpstart Your Security Program — Kathy Washenberger, CIO, Focus Point Technologies

2:00-2:30 — States Are Making Big Moves on Data Privacy Laws – What Does it Mean For You? — Phil Schenkenberg, Attorney and Shareholder, Briggs and Morgan P.A., CIPP/US

2:30-3:00 — Communication Strategies and Lessons Learned — Loren Dealy Mahler, President, Dealy Mahler Strategies, LLC

3:00-3:30 — Resource Break in Expo Area

3:30-4:00 — Industry Standard Frameworks: What You Need to Know and How to Use Them — Amos Aesoph, Senior Solution Architect / XHS Security Officer, Xigent Solutions

4:00-4:30 — How the Government is Helping Small to Mid-Size Businesses Build a Defense — Geoffrey Jenista, Cybersecurity Advisor, Region VII, Department of Homeland Security

4:30-5:00 — Panel of Experts Takes Audience Questions

5:00-6:00 — Reception & Resources 






Amos Aesoph, Senior Solution Architect / XHS Security Officer, ‎Xigent Solutions
Loren Dealy Mahler, Mahler, President and Founder, Dealy Mahler Strategies, LLC
Twila Kennedy, Information Technology/Lender Relations Specialist, U.S. Small Business Administration
Cyrus Malek, Associate, Briggs and Morgan, PA
Eileen Manning, Executive Producer, Cyber Security Summit
Tina Meeker, Owner and Principal, Beacon Information Security
Gloria Mihevc, Wealth Manager
Phil Schenkenberg, Attorney and Shareholder, Briggs and Morgan, PA