Tony Sager

Arduous Search Yields Security Best Practices

Tony Sager is a Senior VP and Chief Evangelist for the Center for Internet Security. He leads the development of the CIS Critical Security Controls, a worldwide consensus project to find and support technical best practices in cybersecurity. Tony also serves as the Director of the SANS Innovation Center, a subsidiary of The SANS Institute. […]

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Tim Crothers

Target Cyber Security Chief Shares His Formula for Building a Loyal Team

Target Corp. experienced a serious system breach in 2013, introduced through an inadequately protected downstream supplier in what has become a textbook case of a hack to avoid. Tim Crothers had worked at General Electric Corp. He is the man who came aboard two years ago as Senior Director of Cybersecurity to steer the team […]

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Understanding Human Element in Cybercrime is Key to Stemming the Problem

  Summit Keynote Speaker Dr. Shima Keene presented The Nexus of Cybersecurity, Crime and Terrorism. She is a Director of the Conflict Studies Research Centre, Oxford, UK, and is affiliated with many law enforcement intelligence organizations. She advises on matters relating to national and global security including terrorism, organized crime, economic crime, cyber-crime and governance. […]

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Kevin Thompson

FireEye Threat Analyst Lists Current Cyberattack Statistics

Kevin Thompson, Threat Analyst for FireEye, earlier worked as a cyber analyst for the CIA, covering Eastern Europe and Russia and briefing numerous government agencies on future potential incidents. His analytical work has been used in Presidential Daily Briefings and as a case study in multiple training classes. He now educates FireEye clients and partners […]

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Dan Paltiel

Risks Factors Growing, Cyber Defense Only Partly Defined

Truman Center Policy Program Manager Dan Paltiel, a keynote speaker at Cyber Security Summit 2016, spoke on the current state of cyber defense in Cyber After 2016: Protecting Your Network in the New Political Environment. Earlier he was Program Coordinator and Research Assistant in the Strategic Technologies Program at the Center for Strategic and International […]

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Bob Stasio

Teasing Out Data Jumble to Make Plots and Actors Emerge

Senior Product Manager Bob Stasio of IBM i2 Safer Planet was keynote speaker for Cyber Security Summit 2016. Prior to joining IBM, Mr. Stasio worked in threat intelligence programs at Bloomberg and global financial firms. He also has deep government experience having served at NSA’s Cyber Center, U.S. Cyber Command, U.S. Army’s Signals Intelligence Corps, […]

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Ronald Burgess

Lt. Gen. Ron Burgess: Weakest link in security chain generally the individual

Lt. Gen. (ret) Ronald Lee Burgess, Jr., who served as the 17th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, was one of the keynote speakers at Cyber Security Summit 2016 in Minneapolis. As head of the Agency and a former Acting Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, Burgess served as a key player in the national […]

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DHS Under Secretary: Vibrancy Makes Us Attractive Target for Hackers

  “Minnesota is adding tech jobs at the greatest rate of anywhere in the country,” declared Suzanne Spaulding, Under Secretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) at the Department of Homeland Security, a keynote speaker at Cyber Security Summit 2016 in Minneapolis. The flip side of that coin with regard to cyber security, […]

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Realities of today’s digital economy

Amid mushrooming IoT device sales and attendant channel transaction growth, findings from a recent study raise serious concerns about just how effectively online businesses are able to safeguard their stakeholders’ digital identities. A White Paper titled “The Economics of Digital Identity” was published by The Economist and authored by a team of experts at the Economist Intelligence […]

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Study: Once inside, hackers don’t need malware

Once they have breached a system, most hackers no longer need malware, according to a new study by LightCyber, a provider of Behavioral Attack Detection solutions. According to the company’s Cyber Weapons Report 2016, 99 percent of post-intrusion cyberattack activities used standard networking, IT administration and other tools. “While malware was commonly used to initially […]

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Cyber Insurance Coverage Disputes: Not What Your Company Expected

While cyber insurance policies are popular, and can be an effective risk-mitigation tool, we have advised clients to be cautious, to evaluate policy language carefully, and to anticipate coverage disputes. Recent cases bear this out: it is critically important that the language in the policy cover, without exclusion, the key losses anticipated by the insured. […]

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