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Summit attendees come from the public and private sectors, bringing together thought leaders from industry, government, and academia. Our audience is designed to reflect the growing challenge that cyber security poses by no longer being contained within the realm of IT. Effective communication, understanding and collaboration between IT and operations within organizations and businesses are necessary for security.

C-level executives, technology leaders, public policy makers, lawyers, forward thinking business owners, and end users interested are encouraged to join us at the Cyber Security Summit.


2016 Audience Demographics by Function

“Amazing! My first time at something like this and I was thoroughly impressed!”

“VERY NICE JOB! I was impressed.”

“This was by far one of the best conferences I have attended in my career!”
- Kelly N. Kaiser, Account Executive, Azule Staffing

“The liability/cyberinsurance discussion was really eye opening in that it is an overlooked area of risk--until a breach happens.”

“THANK YOU!!! It was a wonderful two days...”

“Thanks, it was real pleasure to attend the Summit, and I found it very useful to have government, research & industry being together.”

“This was my first time attending this summit, but I hope and plan to attend again in future years. Good job!”

“The speakers were informative and candid. Very worthwhile. I enjoyed it.”

“This was my first CSS, and it was excellent. The lunch discussions were guided and aided in networking and event continuity. End of day keynote speakers were appropriate and energetic.”